Gérard LUU



My Name is Gérard LUU, I'm 32 years old.
My childhood was rocked by the Disney's movies, Star Wars and by the video games. I remember myself of evenings spent to draw, to make short movies with Legos, or to play Super Nintendo.

So I was naturally driven to studying computer science, and later CG art at ISART Digital. Today, I'm an animator with 5 years experience, working for the video game industry. I love pretty much anything that has to do with Games and Art. I feel very lucky for doing what I'm doing and have fun at what I do.

Computer Skills

* 3D software: 3Ds Max, Maya, Motion Builder
* 2D software: Photoshop, Illustrator
* Compositing software: After Effect
* Video editing software : Premiere
* Languages : PHP, SQL, Java, Javascript, C++, Max Script, Python
Published Games: :

Dracula 3
Gameco Studios (PC)

Still Life 2
Gameco Studios (PC)

Le Croupier
MKO Games (PC)

Lucha Fury
Punchers Impact (XBLA)

My Coach Self Defence
Ama Studio (XBOX 360)

Fighter Within
Ama Studio (XBOX One)

Availability : I'm available